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Answer by Nikolai Dorchih When writ an article, I will upload a video specifically for it. At first I thought I saw it com into the search. But when I add a link to the article in the description and a separate link in the pinn message the video flew off the top. Is this a pattern or an accident? Answer Elena about this negative effect. Maybe it is a coincidence. The answer Russian wrote on this topic was very helpful I just had a question about it. As far as I understand there are two options for creat a channel. Channel my personal account.

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It will be the same if I subscribe to the channel. Create a brand account. Firstly is there any significant difference between them if any and secondly which option is better if I have a blog but sometimes other authors besides me also write articles there. second question. In order for search Brazil Number Data engines to understand that the channel links to the website is it enough to add a cross link and indicate it in the micro tag but the problem is that in the channel setts in order to add the website the user must be the owner of the website in the search console.

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What to do in this case Answer

This problem can be solv if it is a personal account type. channel cannot see the website. by Elena Zimulina For brand channels you can choose a separate name and icon so as not to turn a personal account into a business account and you can also assign administrators so that several Benin Phone Number people can work together. Brand accounts also allow you to hide your personal email and name. As for the second question I find it difficult to answer maybe the material in the help will help you answer you can create a playlist the possibility of users go to the next video will increase the answer Vasily Ivanov’s end screen is also very Good for further engag the audience. Answer Evgeny Luchkov.