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Maybe a large number of photos compies positions will post more photos. useful because they help customers make impression d make a choice. There are multiple photo albums on compy cards d they vary according to categories. The cafe will have album with photos of the dishes d the hotel will have photos of the rooms. Upload photos to My Business to populate the photo album in the service You will also ne to upload a logo d cover for your business card.

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Choose the most colorful photo for your cover that will attract attention, look beautiful, d convey some useful information for displaying interiors, dishes, product lines, or office entrces if they are hard to find. Compy Card Cover in My Business The upload photo in the cover showing the restaurt’s interior Belgium Telegram Number Data photo album will be below the description d contact. Remember that the cover is small so choose a high-contrast photo with a close-up to clearly show what is happening in the photo. Compy Photos on My Business Photo Album on  in the album will open large d full screen so please choose a good quality contrasting image.

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It is recommend to choose them bas on style d color scheme to create a unifi atmosphere d choose them bas on size so that they fit perfectly on the left side of the slider. The photo with the straw in the example is vertical d the photo with the plate is horizontal so the vertical photo doesn’t fit d looks huge. Photos Israel Whatsapp Number List d videos in the photo album on your compy bus card are more convincing th photography. You c show the process d sound quickly guide the user through the place d tell something in a pleast voice. If you have a demo  your hotel salon or café is, what a rich selection your store has or how interesting your science museum is, please upload it to your video album.