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This is done by lead experts from the search team. Below is adapt excerpt from expert interview dur the next forum. Hi everyone, let’s discuss our expectations for the year. If you look at what has happen in this industry over the past year, you should notice that there have been qualitative Hong Kong Telegram Number Data breakthroughs in aspects such as deep learn of natural lguage algorithms for process users. to generate search results. user is that there is only one swer. Search engines are mov at a fairly rapid rate from process specific queries to understd the intend intent of the user. That said a few years ago we were completely focus on keywords.

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How should the industry respond

Now start from the year search engines have mostly become intent-driven. Each time we learn more d more about the user’s search intent. Know the intention we learn to seek out Argentina Whatsapp Number List more ris trend of gradually d-bas optimization techniques. They are outdat so experts ne to start alyz the intent of the target audience. It seems to me that 2020 will be the year that search engines fundamentally refocus on build results bas on user intent.