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Viral linkedin post example Use images and GIFs as much as possible. Also executed well images help bolster the impact of your message. Studies show that posts with images get a X higher comment rate than those without. . LinkedIn post hack share your knowledge in carousel posts LinkedIn carousel posts are the best way of merging visuals and text. Theyre essentially a series of swipeable horizontally scrolling cards. They make it easy to tell a story share insights or provide information in a visually appealing and interactive way.

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My knowledge on working habits to Special Data increase your productivity as a carousel post linkedin carousel post example It received likes and comments plus repost which is great because this was a tiny piece of content. It helped me engage deeply with my network and show my expertise as an effective SaaS founder and LinkedIn expert. Carousel posts are an effective content format for attracting attention and boosting your engagement rates. . Use video Video is another fantastic content format that works well on LinkedIn. With so many free tools available you can create lownocost highquality videos in no time. linkedin video post example People love video content.

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With a pressing industry issue youre Telegram Number primed for virality. Ive been experimenting with videos lately and Ive certainly seen an uptick in post impressions and engagement. The viral success of Eduard Kleins LinkedIn post serves as a powerful example of the videos effectiveness on the platform. It received nearly reactions comments and reposts. By showcasing a boxing match to illustrate the contrast between startup idealism and business reality Klein tapped into visual storytelling that captivates and engages the professional community. His strategic use of relatable metaphors and authoritative quotes like Bruce Lees view on calmness demonstrates how video content can resonate.

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