Vadim Markishvili explains

Don’t try to learn all at once Everyone whose work is connect to the Internet must consttly learn new ths. Usually you don’t wt to waste your free time study so my people have useful lectures d webinars open in the background while they work. But this is a bad idea. In a lecture on the secrets of efficiency in a simplifi way how our brains work. In short we cnot create someth d perceive information at the same time.

Understd what the expect results

The brain c do one or the other but not both at the same time. It turns out that when we listen to a lecture d write a technical assignment at the same time, our brains Switzerland Telegram Number Data quickly switch from one activity to the other. Constt switch wastes energy d we get tir faster d lose focus. As a result, they cnot understd the lessons d are likely to make more mistakes in their work tasks. Ask d discuss more There is no shame in rais questions.

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Every morn you call your colleagues

On the contraryIt shows that you wt to understd the project d the task at hd. The result d number of its depends on how you interpret your requirements. If you’re us to face-to-face meets you’ll have to adapt to work remotely which involves virtual discussions often tak place via email, video calls or Czech Republic Whatsapp Number List chat communications. After discussion we recommend writ down your understd of the task d how you for you should be d present this to the person perform the task. This will ruce the risk of misunderstd d you will be able to resort to this client-approv document in the event of a dispute. Software Developer I’m a programmer We have a special theme every day d that’s it.  d tell them what you did yesterday d what your pls are for today. This is really a constraint on you.