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Watermark Display Time Setting Watermark Appearce  ideal time for a watermark to appear on the My people set it to appear at the beginning of the video or after the intro so it doesn’t distract the user from your text about the essence of the video. Don’t put importt stuff in this corner The watermark is locat in the lower right corner of the entire video so make sure no importt text or effects appear below the icon in the video. Track Statistics In Chnel alytics you c track how well your watermark converts users who watch your videos into chnel subscribers.

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Usually only a very small number of viewers register this way for example which is not a bad outcome. Watermark Click Statistics Click on Watermark But you Vietnam WhatsApp Number List c still monitor statistics d test watermark options which may become clearer d more attractive. How to Design a  is a large bner at the top of the screen on your chnel page that is the first thing a user sees when they enter the chnel. It is often us to visually communicate a brd’s thematic features d inform new products. What to put on your chnel cover Author Leader.

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Chnel cover with author photo

Video Author’s photo usually sign with the blog’s name d direction. This option is suitable for chnels that rely on individuals or teams appearing in videos that are memorable to viewers. to depict a static person; it c be a video of the subject d nature of the emotion or action in the background.  The author Belgium Whatsapp Number List d the person in charge of the chnel The author team of the chnel cover The cast team that made the show You don’t have to choose a photo of the person You c use a drawing with identifiable characteristics. Use image as the cover drawn by the chnel author with captions Thematic Image If there are no identifiable characters my will use thematic images to convey the mood of the chnel d the theme of the video.