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We also do not recommend that you continue to operate in violation of the rules at your own risk. Don’t forget a compy description. Only characters, so succinctly list howc help. Focus on what your customers care about d make it simpler. Don’t forget keywords to increase the relevcy of your card. Tell me how to find you Some compies are hard to find without clear signs. The entrce to the office is locat in a courtyard or there are several entrces in the building d everyone is confus. If the entrce to your facility isn’t obvious it’s best to detail how to get there.

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There are two ways to take a photo of a section of a street so it’s clear where the entrce is. Using the Street View feature users c virtually walk along the street d find the entrce Australia Telegram Number Data on a map. Hair Salon Entrce on Map If your compy has a beautiful interior you c order a virtual tour from a specialist so that the user c understd what awaits him inside. Virtual Tours on Maps Virtual Tours of Stores Creation of virtual tours must be order by expert Google has a database of photographers that work with Google My Business.

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They have the identity of a trust validator d therefore c spe upon the map. Upload more color photos Research shows that the number of photos in my business profile correlates with a compy’s search rkings. If a business has more th one image then its search volume will increase d the number of views Iran Whatsapp Number List will increase. My business view d image research also found a correlation with the number of target actions. Over calls d website clicks th other compies. My Corporate Image Study If a compy only has one profile photo then it receives fewer calls th average compy d fewer clicks th average compy. This does not me that calls d clicks will increase if you add a hundr images.

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