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Visualization to better understd Some tasks In this case to not keep the whole scenario in your head you c draw it out in the form of a mind map or a flow chart just like algorithm. Keep a journal Build algorithm Illustrate d sketch if this allows you to visualize the problem d understd the situation better. You’ll most likely ne to call your colleagues more frequently when work remotely. A time magement app will also be useful in order to keep up with everyth.

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We’ve put together a small selection. Remote Work Tools Call d Time Magement In addition to the usual tools for perform work functions you will also ne a convenient platform for group video conferenc d application for mode control. Remote call app Platform for call clients d UK Telegram Number Data colleagues Google Hgouts Discord Talk Slack Google Duo Video calls in Telegram Viblin Fengyun Conferenc Meet d Greet There are other services. If you make a large number of calls, it is recommend that you pay attention to the service limit on the number of calls.

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Dial the Google Hgouts interface Work orgization apps paid d free tools help you mage time on tasks d ruce distractions. is a Russi multi-service platform for project d task magement. base similar to a system. You c maintain weekly pln dashboard reports d alyze employee workload. Kb board example Denmark Whatsapp Number List timer Pomodoro or Pomodoro timer A timer with the same function but a different design for count down Pomodoro Intervals for which you guartee that you will not get distract from your work  This application helps you Track the time spent work on the computer. It allows you to block distract websites. There is a free version. integrates with other project magement systems.