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Why search internet for what disease you have Anyway half symptoms correspond exactly Half of all illnesses are poison by self-prescribing. Answer: Senil.  content on Because She’s Old Google search results have been rocking all week with Poland Phone Number List users complaining about a drop in rankings and wondering wher re will be anor update.  out this week that fluctuating traffic to Google’s search results is steadily declining. Although I haven’t made any major changes to operation of my site since last update.

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I don’t understand what Google is doing I’ve seen a huge drop in traffic since Monday. Attendance sometimes recovers but quickly dwindles again. or one click all day long. I can not believe it. What’s happening? Has anyone had same thing? Just Nepal Phone Number today I lost traffic. Something terrible is happening to Google’s search results in UK on a very large scale. search engine has yet to give an official comment, despite complaints from rank-and-file people. As for services that monitor rankings, y’ve also record constant fluctuations in search results over past few days.