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re are many ranking factors for providing, is business information. Search engines collect current data about a company and compare information from different websites to check reality of its existence and form an opinion about company’s reliability and size. Affecting local According to my business settings, it affects geo-targeting and local. Or influencing factors include two letters after gTLD dot and attributes.

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A study in 2016 found that your My Business Profile was top local ranking factor. Impact of Local Ranking Factors from My Business Read Topics How Company Relocation to a New Office Affects Local Ranking Case Study How to Register a Sweden Phone Number List Company in My Business Check Existing Profiles First check if your business has been add to list To do this in x. List of companies in My Business Search for a company in list If such a company already exists Google recommends not confirming its ownership but instead providing a fix to indicate that company is clos and register a new profile on its own. Where to delete company in my business, indicate that profile nes to be delet. Fill in basic information and enter company profile page.

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Fill in basic information, company name and activity type without quotation marks. For example simply say cupcakes and rolls instead of main operating category. You can later add or people through whom customers can find you. on map. If you do not have Malaysia Phone Number an office where clients are receiv please leave this field blank and indicate service area only. Delivery area if company serves customers at or addresses. Confirm that you are owner To use all features of platform and manage your profile you ne to confirm that you are owner of company.