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Evgeny Luchkov I have electronic notepad on my phone but I always carry it with me so that I do not forget yth that is particularly importt I keep a calendar with Oman Telegram Number Data notifications. Reply Kamila Sotnikova Good idea I should have a notepad too although my memory hasn’t fail me yet swer yes yth c happen As soon as your memory fails you will definitely start lead swer Green Yamakin has a mobile phone that c be us for pln. It is very convenient to swer online year, month d day. I have been keep a work diary for five years. Paper.

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Very helpful. I recommend it to everyone. swer  a diary. Now in my job I use system which is the best system to never forget d also to remind you.  Total Rejection of Keyword  Google Objection Google express doubts about the search engine’s imminent retarget bas on the intent of user requests. A few day s Afghanistan Whatsapp Number List ago it was stat that by the year search engines will abdon keywords d focus instead on user intent. They will use the latter as importt website rk factor. Barry Schwartz decid to find out what to think about it. The renown expert ask to comment on his colleague’s official position. The rep wasn’t that clear in refus to consider keywords.