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Answer Elena Zhimulina. Are you referr to the preview image? No but If readers are interest we can compile the answers to Evgeny Luchkov Yes you understood correctly and how to change or create new answers Elena Zhimulina includ in the plann answer Kristina Pronina th is Don’t confuse video optimization and channel optimization they are different Answers by Elena Zhimulina Similar but different and noth more Answers by Kamila Sotnikova How to use social networks to promote videos Answers by Sanek Klitvinov I have Optimiz several times but still can’t increase the traffic. What’s go on? Consider all the suggestions. Answer: Elena Zimulina.

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Do you mean there are very few views? Maybe you ne to pay more attention to the distribution of videos, for example, add them to the website. Post them on social networks on relevant pages and add them to guest posts on other platforms. Answer to Google About City Land pages with city Mexico Number Data names in their land page structure are often view as portals by search engines. John Mueller objects to the creation of mass city land pages.

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He was remind of this after an expert outlin his strategy to him. I want to create a land page to reach the top for the desir keywords with the name of a city. Search for employee reviews is like creat a doorway. I don’t recommend you do this. Let us remind you to firmly oppose the creation of  doorways. creat specifically Bolivia Phone Number to rank higher for a certain search query. They won’t provide much value to the user because they may first rirect the user to an intermiate or similar page that doesn’t provide much information. Google began mention the ban on city land pages as early as 2016 . Yet this type of promotion clearly still has relevance.