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It still ignores the link. But if you default to it on all links it could have a negative impact on your site as discuss by d. Some webmasters receiv warns advis them to remove the directive from the file because it didn’t work. Director of Internet Market d Online Brd Studio Of all the innovations of the year for webmasters has improv significtly d deserves attention. They are also work on the technical side.

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They are increasly focus on micro-tagg pages gett into the index faster d bots crawl the site at alarm rate. New features in Webmaster Console are now new Some unnecessary reports have been remov while necessary features have been add in other section. Updat inspection tool You c inspect Malaysia Telegram Number Data response code index available resources d block logs d view screenshots of the page in real time. You c no longer specify the primary domain in the console. sitemap specification attribute d other signals. What else was add inĀ  appear look for errors in this micromarker. New index report becomes more accurate.

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Traffic data is now available for months instead of months. Add information about applications on . There is a new page load spe report New page load report in the console Page load report The alert system has also chg You c now read them directly from the report page d group them for ease of use Notification groups in the console have chg from the old Methods for console switch to new consoles d other chges. How Bosnia and Herzegovina Whatsapp Number List the page has chg The page has been improv d a validator has been introduc to check if the page is display correctly. Since its adaptability has been improv it c be us on desktops tablets d y other gadgets. Together we figur out a way to display the real website on the page.