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You c register your compy up to one year before opening. start date. During this time you will have time to think of a description, choose a photo d fill in all the details. Please select all applicable categories. The main business category has a choice of multiple auxiliary business categories. determine which queries a compy will rk for so carefully review the queries provid d choose the one that best matches customers searching for you. Specify Categories in My BusinessSelect Categories You should not specify third-party categories in order to attract a larger audience. This c worsen behavioral metrics by making card impressions less relevt.

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If you are a beautici please do not include spa as your primary category but if you also have spa services add it to your secondary category. Check that all contacts match No matter where you register your compy please provide a phone number d address. This is other way to acquire customers Macedonia hatsApp Number List d also sends a signal to. information c be found on the site’s subject directory reviewer profile d on cards. It is very importt for Google to provide accurate data to users so it checks contacts on different websites.

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If they don’t match it’s a bad sign for the compy’s reputation d they could be a scammer. you provide on different websites should not only be the same but match word for word. For example if you write then on other website it may confuse search engines. We cnot verify this data but we are informing India Whatsapp Number List you that this opinion exists.  a business for a long time, have chg your address, register your compy on my websites d are no longer sure if the contacts d addresses match then it is best to find this data d check it. Keep a sign with the website address of your designat contact person. For example if you close a brch or relocate you c quickly find the site where you ne to it information.