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In your opinion, but are actually different, what is the best way to separate them into commercial phrases d informational phrases? For example, veneer ceramics d veneer Face Ceramics has two different pages, one is the article d the other is the catalog page for purchase. Often confusing them in different queries d placing them in the wrong places Informational articles in business queries Contents pages  queries. The situation is better but not ideal. Only use the commercial section of the website if you ne commercial traffic. I don’t understd why you have to do the extra work.

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What do you think will be the most relevt d challenging trends for webmasters in 2020? In what direction should you work to improve your skills? Thk you for your swers. Have Latvia WhatsApp Number List a great year.  in this webinar.was discuss. Take a look. The main thing to strive for is to improve the authority d professionalism of the website d optimize the mobile version to display the intent of optimizing the page rather th keywords. Read the topic What is Query Intent Optimizing Content Bas on User Nes Komselger ask interesting situation is when the title is a link. What do we think about this? If we talk about division this is normal. drei.

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Zublitsky asks why experts should work for someone else when they c improve their own projects d make a comfortable living. My people do this. Rewards for the most interesting questions questions is a user who receiv a promotional code for one month’s subscription in the website alysis. We will  send Honduras Whatsapp Number List you a promotional code via private message. The opinion of the itorial team may not match that of the guest experts. Take control of your website promotion. Fix the bugs that are preventing your website from reaching the top. You will see increase in traffic d revenue. Go to the website d subscribe on for the latest news d fresh material.