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Disguis Advertising This must be not if or if article is entirely an advertisement. News will not contain paid material itorial content. Personal Information Do not disclose an individual’s confidential personal information such as mical records or financial account information. Sexually Explicit Content Explicit content intend to cause sexual arousal will not be includ. This does not apply at all to references to sex for example news about sex ucation is not against rules.

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Violent Graphics Violent graphic material such as photos of victims at accident scenes may not be post. Incitement to Violence and Incitement to Hatr You may not post material that supports or promotes violence against specific individuals or groups of people bas on a common characteristic race religion disability gender age veteran status sexual orientation or gender identity.  for harassment and intimidation. News cannot include Kuwait Phone Number List mical advice websites that specialize in providing mical advice, diagnosis and treatment. Promoting dangerous or illegal activities is prohibit. Faking and Information Hiding Impersonating anor company or person’s website or account is against rules.

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It would also be an offense to conceal links between country of origin and company if interest might influence presentation of position in news. Spam Morocco Phone Number and Malware Links to spam, malware, viruses or or harmful software are prohibit. any rules. right is reserv to violate its guidelines for artistic, ucational, historical, documentary or scientific reasons or for or benefit to readers. Permanent in Technical Requirements section If address changes robot will not be able to find information because it is currently unknown.