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There are some interesting research articles on inattentional blindness that discuss this. One of the experiments relat to inattentional blindness is Invisible Gorilla. ’t see new buttons or updat information they may not be using all of the site’s features or missing importt steps toward conversion. After alyzing this research d compiling some useful tips for creating interfaces we trslat d adapt the material. Is the three-click rule a myth?website navigation. It is not good if the user has to spend more th three clicks while accessing y information on the website.

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Then he will get tir d move to competitors. Webmasters d designers often use this rule when developing website structures d arrging pages so that there are no more th three clicks between pages. for grt so we found a history of their origins d several studies that show whether users will leave a Iran WhatsApp Number List website if it takes more th three clicks to find information. For example, this study measur the number of website clicks users made while completing information-seeking task. The percentage of dissatisfi users depends on the number of clicks. In the article How the Three-Click Rule Significce d History How the Three-Click Rule Hurts Your.

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Website Where Clicks Matter Beyond Counting usability? Call the compy by clicking on the website. When the user has questions about goods, services or purchasing methods, he c write to the chat room on the website, contact online consultt, call the office in person or order a call back. Often users will Estonia Whatsapp Numbe Listr call themselves instead of placing a call because they expect immiate response or are experiencing situations where the compy will not return their calls. If the phone number on the website is not convenient. Users c go to other site. Inconveniently this mes you c’t call it with a few touches you ne to mually copy or even rial the number.