This will place each image as a new layer 

Arrange layers: use the layers panel to rearrange the layers of your images to determine the order in which they will appear in your slideshow. The top layer will be the first slide. The next layer below it will be the second slide, and so on. Step 4: set animation timings next, set the timing for each slide to control the slideshow’s pace and transitions: open the timeline panel: if the timeline panel is not already open, go to “Window” > “Timeline” to open it. Create frames: in the timeline panel, click on the menu icon and choose “Make frames from layers.” this will create individual frames for each layer, representing each slide in your slideshow. Adjust timing: click on the duration below each frame to set the time each slide will be.

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Frames and adjusting their durations accordingly. Step 5: export the slideshow once you have¬† and your slides, it’s time to export your slideshow with a transparent background: save your project.Before exporting, save your photoshop project to keep all your progress intact. Export as gif: to save your slideshow with a transparent Image Masking Service background. Go to “File” > “Export” > “Save for web (legacy).” in the save for web dialog box, choose “Gif” as the file format. Make sure the “Transparency” option is . Adjust settings: in the save for web dialog box, you can adjust the quality and other settings. Pay attention to the “Matte” option; this should be set to “None” to ensure the transparent background is.

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Slideshow and click “Save.” conclusion creating a slideshow with a transparent background in photoshop allows. You to have a versatile and visually appealing presentation that seamlessly integrates into various platforms and backgrounds. By following the steps SG Number in this blog. Post, you can set up a transparent canvas, import and arrange your images, and set animation timings for a smooth and professional slideshow. Exporting your slideshow as a gif ensures that the transparent background is , offering you endless possibilities. For how you use and showcase your content. Embrace your creativity, experiment with different designs, and enjoy the process of.