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How to add keywords to a channel. to use many phrases to query the more they become less important. Use no more than ten short keys or seven long keys. characters. Research from the aforemention years shows that key fields are often left blank or populat across multiple queries. The researchers found that average position improv for channels with multiple keys but the advantage fad as more keys were add. The importance of keys in large query lists is ambiguous. How long should a key be? The study was conduct in English.

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If you find it difficult to choose a key on your own check out the keys specifi by your competitors. To do this you ne to dig into the code of the page Open a competition channel Hong Kong Number Data Go to About channel tab Open the code of the page and find the keyword line. How to Find Keywords in Channel How to Find Keywords for Videos article. You can add a key in the channel setts How to add a key to a channel Enter the key into the channel Description The most important th in optimization is work with videos.

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The principle of how to optimize videos on your channel is the same as any other user-pos query so the platform delivers the most relevant results. Channel owners ne to identify keywords and optimize the video so that it appears in the results for the desir query. Question Popular Video onĀ  for Video Armenia Phone Number Optimization a query, the system will supplement it with prompts. You can use them to collect keywords. The autocomplete feature only suggests popular keywords. The query about how to be more productive at school comes up in the auto-suggest query prompt, which means a lot of people are look for videos like this. The topic is popular.