Saving Files in Documents

Icons of documents Find icons d insert them into With this extension you c add voice messages to your communications in addition to text. Select Comments d in the window that appears there is a chat window where participts c write text comments d have their voices spoken. Chatting with extension You c also comment  itself. For this you ne to select a paragraph d write the comment text. He will appear in the chat. Chat Comment Text This extension will be useful for those who find it more convenient to comment on documents via voice. Open other file formats in Documents it files You c work with Documents even if the tool is not install on your computer.

The extension icon comes in four color

Install the extension d drag the file into your browser. It opens in itable format. It feels like a lite version of it as if it was working offline with no auto-saving of comments or collaborative iting. Work with documents in the browser If you still ne online functionality you c convert files Egypt WhatsApp Number List to format with one click.¬† This extension is useful because it allows you to use files on devices that don’t have the program install. Custom backgrounds make working more comfortable Distraction-free mode This extension allows you to chge the text viewing mode.

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White text on black background

Enable full screen text viewing so that menus d tabs are not distracting Allows you to chge text d background colors as well as text proportions. The document itself does not chge all settings relat to the viewing mode in which you c work with text. The extension icon is locat above the Tools tab.modes:  for Cameroon Whatsapp Number List night reading Black text on white paper Blue background or Sepia. Sepia Mode It is useful for everyone who deals with large texts. You c set a comfortable viewing format d disable all tabs d menus so that they do not distract from your work. Background images are us to easily work with document extensions in . It allows you to select a background image that will occupy the area behind the paper.