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example advtage of the Document in different lguages ​​d automatically detects the lguage of the text. Check for errors in English text Highlight errors in Format Extend Document ne to format text in or format there is no ne to do it mually or even open other service on a third party website. This extension allows you to automatically convert text to or from . Using the Extension Document Tools The extension opens a toolbar for quickly formatting text. Some functions are not available in the stdard tool.

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For example, the documentation tool allows you to quickly it select text snippets in a case. Document Text Format Extension Formatting Snippet Page Sizer This extension Denmark WhatsApp Number List allows you to chge page parameters d set dimensions to y value. Very hdy if you ne to write text in a specific format or see how it will look for example on e-book or postcard. Install the extension to enable it d set stdard parameters. Take a postcard as example to set the page parameters. The page has the specifi parameters d is ready to use. Try the postcard text.

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You c chge the page size at y time while you are working. In this case the content is not affect. Mind Master This extension c model mind maps bas on bullet lists without the ne for additional software. You ne to collect a list of projects with sub-projects, select it d start the extension. It automatically Bulgaria Whatsapp Number List assembles the list of brches into a formatt mind map. Create a mind map in Create Image with a  in the image but the original list will remain so you c it it d recreate the map. You c choose from a variety of suggest card designs.  Pl This extension allows you to copy text from images, photos d screenshots directly in your browser. This is hdy if you sometimes ne to retype a phrase from image.