Buttons for accessing the website

We recommend adding suchIf you connect multiple buttons make sure there are no inscriptions or importt images at this location on the cover image. Social network d website buttons on the cover  d social networks Some chnels do not place social network links but instead place additional button to s the chnel Subscribe button on the cover The Subscribe chnel button will open a Confirmation Window Chnel Subscription Subscription Confirmation Window You c get such a link if you add it at the end of the chnel link.

The last seconds of the end frame

How to Design a Video Cover What Cover to Use for a Video Video Cover Comparison Video Preview Universal Playlist Style Universal Chnel Style General Style Playlist Clickable Cover Video Cover with Text Video Chnel with Logo on Cover Face on Video Cover Clickable for Video Coveror end screen Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List video c be us to keep users on the chnel d promote it. When the user finishes watching the video, he c leave the chnel or watch other videos in the playlist, go to the recommendations, open the website, subscribe to the chnel or close it completely.  the likelihood of converting a user into a subscriber d keeping him on the chnel. How to End Video allows you to add four elements to the end of your video.

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A custom end screen c increase

Best to useUse two or three elements so as not to completely fill the screen. If you give users too my choices they are likely to choose nothing. Subscribe to Chnel Button This button is Benin Whatsapp Number List not itable d looks pretty stdard d turns into the button’s logo on hover. But you c add subscription messages in the background to remind users. END OF VIDEO CALL SUBSCRIBE END VIDEO other video or playlist on your chnel Choose the videos with the highest conversion rate as they should be promot as much as possible.