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This title makes readers feel like they’re part of a special club: the Baylor Bears. Include a “let us know” call-to-action in the description, inviting comments for more discussion. Do it yourself Post content that is relevant to your community. This includes: Stories from students about their fondest memories Behind-the-scenes footage from sporting and Take this blog cultural events Questions and polls that matter to your students Content about campus life We’ve found that the best way to generate engagement around these topics is to ask questions. Relevant questions will often result in relevant comments being left by your community.

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The sense of “community” we mentioned extends beyond the university. This is especially true in small college towns where both go hand in hand. That’s why sharing inspiring news and images from the area can be a great recruiting tool. Let’s see in practice. How Job Function or Professional Person and Industry Email List the University of Chester does it The University of Chester is located in a small town near Liverpool and is not as famous as Oxford or Cambridge. However, social media ratings agency EduRank ranks it 10th among UK universities for social media influence.

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Content about small-town life on and off campus. These include DJs and ducks from Game of Thrones: Well done to BioSciChester student Pete Mikulin, who rescued a family of ducks from ChesterRevs ChesterChron — University of Chester (uochester) 2019 Do it yourself using listening tools such as Titus and. Track keywords such as your school name and Germany Phone Number List town name. Curated content to share anything relevant! You don’t have to share everything right away! We recommend creating a content calendar and scheduling your communications to keep your audience entertained. Finding fresh content online will provide you with plenty of social media fodder. The more you share, the happier your followers will be.