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And neither friends answerwebsite answer Kirill Chekin It is doubtful that John Muller is an expert just a man who has been sitt around answer expert questions ambiguously for years Google explains how it handles comments when search engines see them as part of the main content of the page.comments on pages like a website’s blog. John Mueller was ask whether Google considers blog comments primary or secondary. Reactions from search engine experts (See Minutes’ video) It’s hard to give a clear answer.

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It all depends on the situation, but regardless we treat comments as such. part of the page. Usually when we look at a page we see template elements like sidebar footer or navigation.  aspect of this resource. As for the actual blog post and other vary elements on its page we consider this Australia Number Data type of content to be primary content. This also applies to comments. How to provide a title and description for your video. Recently we often receive questions about promot videos on and the ne for videos on websites so we have collect materials about videos for businesses. Articles Why You Ne Videos on Your Website and How to Optimize Your Channel How to Optimize Videos on Your Channel How to Come Up with a Video Title How to Fill Out a Video Description How to.

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Tag a Video How to Add a Hashtag to a Description Why You Ne Video Search Analytics on Your Website The lab team reveal that there are videos on more than one page of the top page and there are videos on the top page of the page. In the car dealership industry the ratio is even Albania Phone Number higher, with and. The lab conduct research on website rank factors in and. between a website’s rank or top rank and various parameters such as the presence of videos on the page. How the video on the website relates to the position Correlation does not imply causation It is not true that videos are a plus factor in ranks. It’s also not clear whether the video content is important.