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Sure it would be fun to watch this kind of competition among employees but it’s unlikely to happen. At the same time no one forbids ordinary dreams.  lsurvey. Who do you think can do the best SEO for your website in the promotion competition? Respondents were ask to vote for one of the following four people: Gary Ilsch, Danny Sullivan, John Mueller, Martins. Preet. After several days of voting John Muller was crown champion. of respondents vot for him. This is completely expect considering how often this guy answers various questions.

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It is worth noting that the survey is very representative, with famous webmasters and experts from all over the world participating in the survey. The results of a past survey on how purchas backlinks affect Google rankings are known. Take Control of Your Website  that are preventing your website from reaching the top and you’ll see an increase in traffic and revenue. Go to the website and subscribe on for the latest news and fresh material. Post by Taras Cherkasky Tags or further reading Which parts of Google SEO Opinions in News Agency Germany Phone Number List News Comments Write a comment If he only answers the question How do you rate the best experts You can do it completely without practice but in theory Is an excellent student answer Ru by John Mueller Answer.

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Natalia So I also want to add myself to the vote  data, otherwise I don’t know who is promoting how many websites Answer Max Klimt No this Not interesting but it would be more crible if the indicators were compar Answer Senil It is obvious that experts have nothing to do except compare ratings Answer Vasily Ivanov All friends of John definitely Latvia Phone Number vot I did not participate Vote If it were my opinion I would vote against them all I am a patriot I don’t ne to index all the pages on the site Search engines do not guarantee total indexing of all content own by a resource. No ne to wait and hope to first crawl all pages of a web resource and then index them.