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Answer n what’s point? Comments everyone and replies to comments should be formally written by website administrator Answer Katiha year month date I wonder what kind of icon with good reviews? Answer Kirill Chekin Comments are always good for those who take ir work seriously Answers You can’t add a comment to this post because she’s very opinionat on how to make new algorithm love almost any website. Since its introduction, community has not stopp trying to figure out how to optimize algorithm’s resources.

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Yet search engines mselves offer few suggestions. Danny Sullivan begins with basic suggestion that nothing can be reimagin or optimiz. only constant for search engines is desire to reward quality content sites with better rankings. For a while this was Google’s only official position until John Mueller Canada Mobile Database broaden it slightly. In a January webinar one search engine expert was ask directly to see video to tell us more about recent updates. answer to what do I ne to do to please this algorithm in terms comes down to us trying to better understand content of text. On one hand we are talking about understanding user search queries more accurately. On or hand, in order to better understand text on network resource page.

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As for user queries you’re unlikely to be able to do anything from an optimization perspective. But you can definitely influence textual content of your website.in ordinary language. are design to improve our understanding of natural language. same effort we put into paying attention to prepositions and or Nigeria Phone Number language elements allows us to more accurately match user’s request to textual content of page. association. Having said that only thing you can do to optimize a resource is fill its pages with natural language text. Your . You should use colloquial language that ordinary users can understand rar than artificially filling article with keywords.