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Newsletter order for the employee to obtain monetary compensation from the competent authority … unless the labor law provisions applicable at a given employer provide for the employee to retain the right to remuneration for the period of dismissal “. As we can see the employer is not oblig to pay remuneration due to leave of absence at the request of the WCR although it has the option – it can do so voluntarily or if so provid by internal company regulations etc. If the employee does not receive remuneration for this absence then he has the right to do so.

WCR for Newsletter compensation

For lost earnings compensation for lost earnings due to a summons to WKU If the employer does not pay the employee remuneration for the time of the visit to the WCR the employee has the right to request payment of monetary compensation. An application for philippines photo editor compensation for lost earnings should be submitt to the Head of the Military Recruitment Center accompani by a certificate from the employer documenting the loss of earnings resulting from responding to the call. Compensation for lost earnings bas on a certificate from the employer is paid by the requesting authority . in our case – WKU/WCR.

Although the Regulation indicates

That the employer should issue a certificate of the amount of lost earnings it seems that in the event of a mandatory appearance at WKU only a certificate of lost earnings is sufficient. However there is no ne to provide the amount of this earnings. Turquoise management SG Number model and its use in practice Kinga Terech March , Strategic analysis , Blog , Other , Company strategy Existing management models are starting to become outdat and no longer fulfill their role as well as they once did. Considering the dynamics of changes taking place on the market.

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