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The freshness of content is very important to search engines. Google launch the freshness algorithm as early as 2016. It looks at how often and how frequently the material is updat by its publication date and how much the page has chang so it keeps track of outdat  it. Such work should be carri out regularly. If the content is relevant but has not been updat for a long time then you can insert the video from the page which will receive the new content format as the user remains on the page watching the content behavioral metrics will improve as the video is being view. Read the topic.

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How to Optimize Videos on Videos One example of a successfully updat page is the selection on. It was creat in and updat every year. In 2001, the page only had 10 words in it, and in 2010, its content has grown to 100,000 words. It has a good link Spain Phone Number List rate, link statistics, favorites, links, donors, traffic to this page is growing, organic page traffic statistics, organic traffic growth since 2011, and it ranks high in many queries. Page rank statistics.key. Read topic case in title.  organic traffic. Don’t use the date in.

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A common mistake will cause content to not update correctly. For example, last year the website publish a selection of the best fitness trackers of the year from the title.selection has been updat and chang to the Best Fitness Bracelet of the Year. This may confuse Jordan Phone Number some users. The title and the date in the title and the date in don’t match. It could also have something to do with the number of items. First they collect a list of widgets and then increas it to widgets but there were only widgets left.

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