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Search engine representatives reiterate the sitemaps. On the page a private expert ask this question I look at a client’s website d found that he had several small maps d a general file. The latter copies pages from these auxiliary files. Is this too much? Is this go to have some sort of negative impact on promotions? John Mueller’s reaction We import all of our sitemap files into a large common container.

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Text content is useful for y project even if it is design for graphics or multimia material. John Mueller express this view on There should always be text on a webpage no matter what other content is on the page. Let’s say you have video host. The latter pages should still have titles, descriptions, text Iraq Telegram Number Data links, etc. host sites. Text is ne to help search engines understd your main content d how relevt it is to the user’s query. In other words only text c help you get relevt traffic. Of course you c reject text material but in this case it will be more difficult for us to understd the content of your page. Search bots c basically hdle it but it will be a serious challenge for them.

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The well-known foreign voice express support for his colleagues Of course the content of multimia files every day. However, this does not me that search engines do not ne text help. We Azerbaijan Whatsapp Number List know the swer to what the length of the text should be. Take Control of Your Website Promotion¬† your website from reach the top d you’ll see increase in traffic d revenue. Go to the website d subscribe to stay up to date with the latest news d fresh material.

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