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More Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog Practical Tips for Increasing Traffic Using Zombie Page Dump Ballast If a page has not brought in traffic for a year or more, it is not requir to run on the site and the content is irrelevant they are call zombie pages.pages they can hurt the site by wasting crawl budget and signaling to Google that a large portion of the site’s pages are unpopular. be updat then you ne to update or delete them. Shar its case study that it conduct a content audit and discover approximately 100 invalid and outdat pages. By the end of April they remov it and organic traffic start to increase.

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Dynamics of organic traffic Traffic after page removalnow is approximately 100%. Organic traffic after cleanup for the entire website has increas by approximately and not less than 1%. Snippet improvements improve click-through rates A study from 2017 show a correlation between snippet CTR and organic rankings. Analysts conclud that the algorithm Italy Phone Number List took into account the page fragment’s high click-through rate and boost its position in organic searches.  has over a certain position, the more likely it is to rise to the top of search results. Correlation between click-through rate and ranking Researchers indicate that an increase in click-through rate leads to an increase in ranking in search results.

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This means you ne to make your snippet more attractive so more users will want to click on it. At the same time you should not get carri away by clickbait if you lure the user with a loud title and do not meet his expectations he will leave the page and Kazakhstan Phone Number return to the search results ruining your behavioral results. You can only select successful clickable titles in practice with the help of tests. Develop several header options to formulate the conditions under which the options will pass the test and compare their effectiveness. This can be done while waiting.