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This is wrong My Mercht system is your audience. You ne to check your account regularly, swer comments d questions, keep your data up to date d post about promotions. where your compy rks in local searches Even though users filter compies by geolocation, there is still competition between several business cards. Three factors are look at when rking compy business cards Relevce The card matches the user’s request. With the brd query everything is clear but if the user is just looking for a coffee shop massage parlor or a plumbing shop then the card must satisfy the query. Reputation is a metric relat to a compy’s reputation d visibility.

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Google performs this alysis by looking at the number of articles d links about the compy, entries in the directory, user reviews, d the position of the compy’s website in the search engine.  will also have impact. Attractions, iconic locations, d famous museums will be prioritiz. Distce How close Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List a venue is to the user is importt in local queries so results c vary by a kilometer. We explain how to add a business to My Business in the Business Services List Where to Register a Business Website article. Some parameters cnot be influenc but the webmaster c work on the optimization of  d my business card. How to Improve Business.

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Tips d Examples Let’s look

Cards in My Business at what you ne to remember when applying for a card. All fill-in restrictions are in Help. Early registration is not open yet If possible compies should Iceland Whatsapp Number List register before the service opens so that as my future customers as possible see the card d know you will be opening soon. The opening date will be not when iting information. Register your compy before opening. Indicate the compy’s opening date.