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Adjusting the frame duration. Step 2: prepare the voiceover now that you have your slideshow ready, it’s time to prepare the voiceover narration. Write a script or outline to guide your narration. Keep it concise, engaging, and in sync with the visuals. Rehearse a few times to ensure smooth delivery. Step 3: record the voiceover to record the voiceover, you can use any audio recording software or apps on your computer or smartphone. Ensure you have a good-quality microphone to capture clear and crisp audio. There are several free and paid recording software options available for both windows and mac, such as audacity, garageband, or adobe audition.

Open your recording software launch the audio

Recording software of your choice and set up your microphone. Start recording: begin recording your voiceover while following the script you prepared. Speak clearly and at a steady pace, making sure to match your narration with the slideshow’s content. Step 4: edit the voiceover Ghost Mannequin Service after recording, you might want to edit the audio to eliminate any mistakes, background noise, or long pauses. Trim the narration to match the timing of each slide in the photoshop timeline. Import audio to your editing software: in your recording software, import the audio file you just recorded. Edit the audio: use the editing tools to cut and adjust the audio as needed. Ensure each segment aligns with the corresponding slide.

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Add the voiceover to your slideshow

Now that you have the voiceover ready, it’s time to add it to your photoshop slideshow: import the audio file: in photoshop, click “File” > “Place embedded” to import your edited audio file. Sync audio with the slides: in the timeline panel, move the audio layer below the image layers. Align the start SG Number of the audio with the beginning of the first slide and adjust its duration to match the slideshow’s total length. Step 6: export and share your slideshow with voiceover once everything is in sync, it’s time to export your slideshow with the voiceover narration: save your project: before exporting, save your photoshop project.