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Forty office workers were assign identical tasks d  groups.  to office that play normal office sounds. The other group was assign to office that was absolutely silent. Experimenters conduct blood tests on the participts after three hours of work d found that those who work in noisy offices had significtly higher levels of stress hormones in their blood. Although the employees insist they didn’t notice the noise at all. Read more about the secret scientific method of work with your brain in the notes of the talk.

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It will help you understd what our brain spends resources on dur work d become more efficient. Work in natural light The intensity of natural light c affect fatigue, so it is best South Africa Telegram Number Data not to place your desk in a dark corner. Researchers in Chicago found that workers slept average of more minutes at night if their workplace was near a window. Colleagues who work in offices with artificial light had shorter d poorer quality sleep d generally felt more tir d lethargic. Set a pleast temperature You’ll make more mistakes if the room is too hot or too cold. Don’t tolerate temperatures that make you uncomfortable. Ventilate the room d choose cloth. Accord to a study of employees at U.S.

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compies, employees make more mistakes if.  when the temperature return to degrees Celsius. How to orgize your work process Recognize your motivations Think about why you are in this industry What your job brs to you d how you c grow in it. The path becomes easier d fasteyou Costa Rica Whatsapp Number List wt to go d where you wt to go. User Expert: You ne to take so much money from your customers that your laziness fights your gre d then you end up work relucttly.