Check Site Location by Keystroke

Examine site locations and cluster semantic core queries in one tool. how the service works in the article Online Query Clustering API’s service helps you monitor the location dynamics of your resources and competitor sites. It can perform clustering in order for the optimizer to prepare working semantics and outline the structure of the site. Let’s take a closer look at the features of this service. Site location dynamics as to why the service needs to monitor queries from semantic languages. The service examines the site’s position in and for semantic queries that interest you. Enter the key to select the search engine zone and subdomain.

Check Site Position for Key Queries

Build visual charts of ranking changes so you can track how search engines respond to your website optimization. Compare your website’s position with competitors Add competitive websites to the service Point out the keywords you are promoitself. Use ready-made Brazil Phone Number List clusters to develop site structure and optimize content. If you are new to the service detailed instructions will help you get started.

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Fill in the key list select soft or hard type based on number

Detailed guide on how to work in How to add website keys and competitors to check locations How to start a cluster and what other features are available in the service. Let’s look at how you can track the ranking of your own website and competing websiject Iran Phone Number with lines. You can change this data at any time in the settings. Online Site Settings Project Settings Specify  Keys to add key queries that you will track the location of your website. Line Item Summary Key Data Columns with chart icons show the average amount your position has increased or decreased since the last check. Columns showing key statistics of position changes are in the Landing Page column. The service displays landing pages found in search results.