Automatic text checking

Which extensions are install for Documents? Some of the extensions in the Add-ons are locat in the browser pel. The extensions in the Google Docs Extensions add-ons are sometimes plac next to the file name. Where c I find the extension icon next to the extension name?  in Grafr documents. Also on the website it checks the text looking for erroneous stop words d unsuccessful structures d scores it according to its own scoring criteria. A separate extension for the previous service work within but at the time of updating the article the extension was not available so we recommend using the browser extension.

Check text in documents Text check results

Check the text in the document for errors. Scores d corrections in the suggestions. There are no clear instructions. It is not necessary to strive for points. A score of 10 points for the text is enough. The extension makes it easy to use the itor’s method to check text in fewer clicks without having to open Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List a website to copy d paste text into the service. Fresh look This extension does not check for spelling errors but searches for tautologies. You ne to select a piece of text d run the check. Once launch it will find duplicate words d highlight them with color.

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Trslator lguage tool extension for checking

You c specify response thresholds d inspection areas. This extension is very useful for those who deal with long texts for a long time. In this case the eye often becomes blurry d it is difficult to recognize tautologies. Trslate comes with extension bas on Google Trslate’s internal trslator. Launch the extension Brazil Whatsapp Number List in the add-on Select a piece of text d choose the lguage you wt to trslate it into. Trslator in Documents The  text errors is very useful because it checks the spelling of texts in different lguages ​​directly in the file. Includ in the add-on. The tool finds errors in the text, highlights them d recommends replacing them with the correct version. It c recognize multiple lguages ​​d also works in Russi.