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Post by Elena Žmulina Tags Work Site Ask J Lichug Mia Year Month Day They ignor my questions d select those that were already Questions swer times. So I’ll here. There are multiple websites on the same topic. These websites are made on different hosts on different hosts with different designs d text content on different phones but the location is the same. Tell me how to correctly set up the directory d the contacts in so that the website is not penaliz for association Tell me how to correctly mark the product blocks of categories in online store using semtic markup.

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Register the directory at a different address if y. Generally speaking the nature of promoting two websites is not very cool d requires a lot of action but the benefits are still Lebanon WhatsApp Number List divid between one request website. d it is more profitable to choose broad semtics. As for marking blocks of goods for the store this is actually a programmer task setting task that y intermiate programmer c complete. Just in case please link to mual swer ricob drachmet for swer swer alpha thk you very much for your swer swer f year month day I am disturb by these questions d the author’s corresponding swer.

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I heard from a top gig It’s not enough for them that when migrating to a new platform they’ll squint at a gig d figure out it’s worth upgrading immiately d set aside a total of them.  d maintaining Hong Kong Whatsapp Number List multiple websites with over 10,000 pages. Where do I go? swer , but the question is not what. How to optimize your My Business Card d get more from local search results? Multi-Customer How to Upgrade Your Business Card in My Mercht includes examples d research tips.