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Nudity, discrimination, masquerading, copyright infringement, encouraging life-threatening behavior, sexually explicit images of cruelty, etc. are not allow. Chnel avatar size The size of the chnel icon should be pixels with ges cropp into a circle so choose image that looks good with round d pixel thumbnails like the comment icon. How to upload a new avatar Go to the My Chnel section Customize chnel view it thumbnail. How to Watermark a Video allows you to add a watermark on your chnel videos. Users c click on the small icon to open the chnel subscription form.

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Watermark Video Watermark with Subscription  Determine the Background of the Watermark It is recommend to use a trsparent background. It may ruce the attention sp of viewers watching but the number of conversions into subscriptions will also be ruc because it is harder to notice. How Chile WhatsApp Number List to Make a Watermark for Your Chnel No Background Watermark A subtle trsparency effect is automatically appli to the watermark so y watermark with a background will look soft d unobtrusive. Watermark on Video Chnel with Background Watermark Choose Icon Usually chnel owners have two options: Copy the chnel icon or make a subscription logo.

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Subscribe Button Subscribeicon so if you choose the same watermark users will remember it better. On the other hd some users will not understd that they c click on this icon Belarus Whatsapp Number List to display a subscribe button. Shar his experience that initially he us chnel avatar as watermark but when he chg it to subscribe button the conversion of subscribers increas. Convert Subscriptions with Watermarks Watermark  allows you to choose how long the watermark appears on the screen. The indicator c only be select for all videos at the same time. You cnot set separate timers for different videos.