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Frequency yearly trends and competition can be found in the paid tariff of the tool but the key itself is visible anyway. They can be us as ideas for new videos. How to Find Tags  of how the tool works in free mode The Keyword Tool is a tool that suggests relevant tags for a given query. Enter a keyword and it will display results with data on frequency, competition, and other parameters for each word.

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The free version of the autosuggest tool interface displays four words and the rest of the results are available in paid plans. Contestant Videos Find your competitors’ how they were optimiz. It’s best to choose a competitor that has roughly the same number of subscribers. Go to the Videos tab and sort them by the most popular videos. This will show you the most view videos. Popular videos on the channel. of Taiwan Number Data the videos on the channel. View the title and description of the popular videos. Video description. Video information. View the keywords in the title and description. You will get the ones that are of interest to your audience. List of proven keywords and video topics. Another source of competitor tag leads is video tags.

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They are hidden so you ne to view the page code by open search and enter keywords Keywords will be list in quotes and separat by commas. Convert a video to an extension displays tags on the page so you don’t have to open and search for keywords every time. Tags on Channels Showhave a Australia Phone Number channel on the platform use your statistics. Analytics tools will show you the exact keywords people are us to find your videos. To find this report in Go to Analyze reach viewers. Channel Analysis Channel Analysis If you see there the keywords you’re already optimiz your video for that’s a good sign you’re do someth right.