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Google is clearly trying to make money and According to data, social network now accounts for a higher share of website traffic than last year, and its share of revenue has also increas from last year. on social networks are evolving as brands see profitability and invest more in advertising on se platforms.  and found that most successful sites in sample also had more transactions on social network. Which channels drive more traffic Cross-channel traffic distribution Which channels drive more revenue Is revenue distribution by channel dead? re are fewer and fewer organic results at top. Advertising results are increasingly masquerading as organic results.

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So some are already being buri. If Everything is determin by advertising investment. Why optimize your website? This question is dead much earlier than we realize. death of search engines was first prict in 2001. I came to believe that search engines were a dead-end technology and that Hong Kong Mobile Number List worrying about your website rankings was a waste of time. I think search engines are dying. In fact I would even say y are dead and just don’t know it yet. Every year marketers panic and write headline bait claims claiming ir imminent demise.

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This year’s study found that paid search has surpass organic search in revenue. Are se really signs of end? best way to find out is to look at year-over-year organic traffic and revenue data for e-commerce, retail and travel. distribution of organic and commerce revenue e-commerce Organic Maybe paid results are a little more effective but organic revenue is still re and growing in all industries. Still very active. main findings Pakistan Phone Number of year-to-year transformation study were that important changes occurr from year to year. Let us review history and draw conclusions. expressions and we leave you with most interesting. Two billion people have mov part of ir lives into virtual reality, making attention most valuable commodity in world. In this new space we are not people we are data Internet giants are monetizing this data to increase ir wealth.