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Use the most important keyword algorithm in the first two or three sentences. Give them maximum weight. Includ target query rules in titles and descriptions does not prohibit this. the keywords in the main text two to three times depend on the size of the text. This way you’ll get relevant signals but not too much spam. to extend this topic. In popular videos almost all the primary keys enter in the search bar are at the beginn of the description How to Make a Video Title Enter the description and title of your video We talk a lot about keywords but text is primarily written for users not search engines so.

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They ne to be useful for naturally occurr keywords. Click-through rate Users will see the beginn of the description in the video preview in the overall list when scroll through Singapore Number Data the results therefore affect the click-through rate. Write someth describ the benefits of watch the video us the keywords that prompt you to open the video. Do not use links at the beginn of the description anyway they are not clickable from the overall view of the results. Originality These rules include add a description to all new videos and provid original text suggestions.

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This will make it easier for you to find relevant videos and make them stand out from similar videos. How to Tag a Video Tags are words and phrases ne to understand the context of a video. rank factor on . The 2018 study we mention in the title section found a small but significant correlation between Belarus Phone Number video tags and ranks.  learn more about how to collect keywords for tags and how they affect ranks. How to fill in the tags on the main tag. The first tag is the target keyword. Pay special attention to the first tag. For example, you highlight key public speak skills as a priority request for a video and enter it into the first tag.