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Question from the social to easily hdle mium-siz projects? I heard from the top ones that it was not enough for them d when migrating to a newer platform they express doubts about the calculat value. Immiately upgrade margins so that parsing does not suddenly stop where importt memory limits are reach.  for how my experts are ne for mium siz projects if experts are ne at least I have never thought about this question. But it reminds me of my wife’s desire for the features of her phone. No matter how much memory there is photos still won’t fit in my computer which by the way has it. If I c’t complete the task then I use online services. y Nekrasov ask where to get traffic.

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I think about how much of my traffic comes from d the latest algorithms cut it so much. Are there other sources of information on websites. Informational websites now have promising Kuwait WhatsApp Number List traffic sources d. Some people are also creating parallel video projects on where the traffic is good. newsletters d chnels. I have informational book titl Technology Sports Travel Business Health Sex d Relationships.  but also news.way to create a separate news section d post all news in different categories from technology to sex or add news to certain categories d mix it with articles This is not a simple question.

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Do you wt to publish news to receive more traffic from orgic or news aggregators because the methods of working with them will differ. The easiest solution is to look at the structure of similar projects like them. Service users asking how the presence of the page affects what nes to be done is the exact opposite Guatemala Whatsapp Number List of friendly. No matter how hard I search for a clear swer I couldn’t find y swers or suggestions. If the page implementation is technically correct d the checker does not generate error then they will be treat normally d not consider duplicates. Alexei Degach ask.