Email list: learn how to make yours from scratch!
How about learning a simple and free way to attract new students and truly differentiate yourself from the competition? It’s time to build your email list ! Yes, you got it right: email! When we talk about online contact and digital business, it’s normal that the first thing that comes to mind is Instagram and Whatsapp . These are quick ways to communicate. But still, they don’t replace the value of the email . So let’s learn what an email list is and how to start from scratch. Why email? The email is: One of the most traditional forms of online communication; People’s preferred way of consuming content that can be stored and viewed again; The best way to personalize your communication as much as possible, enabling you to create a much greater bond with your audience.

Strategic collection for your email list
The first step for any personal trainer looking to improve their online consulting strategy; In other words: it’s not a post you’re making for all your Instagram followers. But yes, exclusive and valuable content that you are delivering there. This way, you guarantee presence, positioning and authority: you help more people, in a more professional and personalized way, and start selling more in your online consultancy . To better understand all the digital marketing strategies that you, as a personal trainer, can explore, we also recommend reading the post: MFIT Guide to Assertive Marketing for Personal Trainers.

Contact and reward
Personal-making-email-list Photo by William Fortunato Where to start your email list? First, you need to select the contacts you already have, filtering them. In other words, go to your Instagram and Whataspp and see who: You are already a student; He was once your client; Likes you and follows you; Has he ever contacted you; But before you go searching, take a look at the next step so you don’t have to rework, okay? Strategic collection for your email list Now, it’s time to start getting your hands dirty. However, as people don’t leave their email open, it is necessary to collect information and record everything that comes up.