How does using WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Pay help Personal Trainers?
So, personal friend, is everything ok? Today we’re going to give you some tips on how to use WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Pay in your daily life, making the most of the tools to chat with students, make transfers, send automatic messages and much more, with the aim of making your life easier. day to day between classes. We know how busy the personal training routine is and that stopping to answer everyone or talk to new students becomes more difficult. Imagine in the long run, not giving your customers legal attention could damage your reputation and even make you lose customers.

And what is WhatsApp Business for?
But don’t worry, using WhatsApp Business and Pay can be a good way to help attract and retain students. Stay with us until the end because we’ll show you how to use the resources, with tips that will make your routine easier. Let’s learn? What is WhatsApp Business? WhatsApp Business is a version of the common WhatsApp as we know it, but aimed at small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. It’s free and available for both Android and iOS. It is a more practical and easier way to maintain contact with students and potential clients. To give you an idea, in a survey carried out by Infobip , around % of Brazilians use WhatsApp to talk to companies and service providers, in other words, it is the best way to keep in touch with the people who use their work. And what is WhatsApp.

Who can have WhatsApp Business?
Business for? Basically, WhatsApp Business serves to facilitate contact between entrepreneurs and customers, with more features than regular WhatsApp. In fact, this is the main difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business: features such as profile data, location and automatic responses, tools that help strengthen the personal trainer’s relationship with students . The application also helps to automate and optimize your communication with students, making everything faster, more direct and more organized. With WhatsApp Business you will be able to: create automatic greetings to introduce yourself to new students; send out-of-office messages to show that you cannot respond at the moment; Use tags to organize conversations so you can easily find them later.