Does top-of-the-funnel content help attract students for personal use? Come find out!
When we talk about stages of the sales funnel, the top of the funnel is the first one. The sales funnel strategy emerged to meet the different needs of consumers, who over the years have changed the way they buy services and products. If before we used to sit in front of the TV watching advertisements, with advances in technology people have started to find out more about the services they are looking for and their benefits before closing a deal. And they go to the internet to look for it. So how can a personal trainer prepare to present themselves to people looking for information about physical activities and offer them knowledge, and then turn them into customers.

How to produce content for the top of the funnel
Top of the funnel content can help a lot with this. But what is the top of the funnel and what is the best content to attract potential new students to close a deal? The answer to these and other questions on the subject can be found throughout this content. Continue reading with us! What is top of funnel? As we briefly mentioned, the top of the funnel ToFu) is the first stage of the sales funnel and its objective is to arouse the interest of a future customer in a certain subject, through content that educates and raises awareness In the case of personal trainers, content about physical activity practices that teaches them, not directly talking about sales at the moment.

Create content that speaks to your audience’s needs
It is the widest stage of the funnel, that is, it is the moment when you will receive a lot of visitors and traffic, whether to your website or on social media. Not everyone will move on to the next steps Why is the top of the funnel so important? The top of the funnel is the first stage of any business, that is, it is when people are attracted to discover what your service has to offer . We have separated some topics for you to understand why this step is so important and can make a difference when attracting students. Differentiates the first contact This top part of the sales funnel is where people first get information about your services, right? So preparing good content for this stage helps people get a good impression of your work and find out if you understand the subject.