Fitness challenge groups to gain more clients as a Personal Trainer – How to set up?
Challenge groups are dynamics created to involve several people in pursuit of the same objective – as in challenges for weight loss groups, for example – in them, the personal trainer creates a challenge, with rules, goals and specific exercises that must be completed in a set time, such as a -week fitness challenge, or a -day fitness challenge, which are two of the most common. With the challenge created, the staff invites people to join the group – which can be on Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram – and to get involved in daily missions so that, in the end, they can achieve the established objective.

Encourage interaction between participants
The main advantages for students include motivation, interaction and focus on quick results. For the personal, this can mean new students in your private consultancy, more income and an important reinforcement in the perception of your authority on the subject. Cool huh? So tune in, because now we’re going to share with you some killer tips on how to set up a successful fitness challenge group and gain more clients as a personal trainer. Start at the beginning It seems obvious, but as at MFIT Personal we like to practice what we say, let’s also start these tips at the beginning. To begin with, you need to define your group’s objective. Let’s suppose the idea is to set up a weight loss challenge group, to do this you need to know: How long will the challenge last.

Start at the beginning
What will be the weight loss proposal? How do you intend for participants to achieve the objective? What will be the name of the group? How many people can participate? All of this is essential so that you can start by knowing where you want to go. You need to remember that you will be the guide in this challenge, which means that people will trust and depend on you. So be responsible! Have defined and written down everything you want with this group before you start inviting people. Choose the exercises, record the videos, and prepare the texts and motivational messages that you will use.