How to prepare an unforgettable group of challenges
Guys, check out unmissable tips for you to prepare an unforgettable group of challenges using the Challenge Group function in the MFIT app! To make the most of this resource, we’ll give you unmissable tips to prepare an unforgettable group of challenges! Let’s go there? Before starting your challenge group, it is very important to remember that you will have a leadership role in this environment. This means that people will trust you and depend on you during this period. So, be responsible: only create a challenge when you can commit and really dedicate yourself , okay? Now, grab a pen and paper to take notes, because we’re going to plan your group together! First, think about the exercise modality th
at will be practiced in your challenge group.

Structuring your challenge
These groups can be aimed at running, weight training, stretching, weight loss exercises, among other options. And there? What will be your modality, personal? Write it down in your planning! Structuring your challenge After choosing the type of exercise you want to encourage, it’s time to define the objective of your challenge group ! To do this, you need the answers to these questions, folks: – What is the goal of the challenge group? For example: if it is a weight loss challenge, how many kilos can participants lose? – How long will the challenge last? days? days? days? – How many people can participate in the challenge.

Choosing the exercises in the challenge
What will be the name of the challenge group? It always needs to be related to the goal – for example: “Lose kg in months”. It is also worth remembering that even people with a common goal (for example, “increase muscle mass”) have different skills and difficulties , and may be at different stages of the process , such as beginner, intermediate or advanced participants. So, don’t expect everyone to complete the challenges in the same way, guys. Instead, how about creating appropriate groups for each situation , even if you have to open one at a time? Furthermore, still thinking about making challenges accessible to more people, another cool idea is to propose home workouts , which do not require fitness equipment such as ropes, weights and dumbbells.

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