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Guys, have you managed to align the factors that define your market niche: passion, vocation and profession? Come learn in this post! Choosing a market niche is a challenge for professionals in all areas… and, in the case of personal trainers, it is no different! Without defining your market niche , it is very difficult to communicate with your audience and stand out from your competitors . Furthermore, without having a defined niche, it is difficult to choose what you will focus your studies on and look for professional experiences that allow you to gain experience in a certain area. Therefore, defining your market niche is not just strategic – it is essential! personal-finds-your-market-niche How to choose a market niche? To choose the market niche, people usually take factors into consideration: Passion , which is your interest in working with a certain subject.

Tip number : Profession
Vocation , which is someone’s set of skills to meet a specific need in the job market, that mix of technical and behavioral skills that the person uses to solve a professional problem . In other words: the vocation has to do with your training in the area of ​​Physical Education and other useful knowledge for your work; And, finally, there is the profession which only exists when there are vacancies or opportunities for paid work Most of the time, these factors do not go together – and that is why situations like: Having a passion for a certain area, but not (yet) having the necessary vocation to work professionally in it – that is, a person who needs to study more and gain more experience in what they are interested in.

Don’t be afraid to niche your business
Or, it happens that a person already has the passion and vocation to work in an area, but does not have access to opportunities to transform these factors into a profession – that is, pay the bills by working on what they like and know how to do well! And, finally, the opposite also happens: there are full of vacancies for a profession that you simply have no passion for or have the slightest vocation for pursuing. So, professor, come with me and I’ll help you align these factors – passion, vocation and profession – so you can find your market niche once and for all and always start the month with paid bills! Tip number : Passion Make a list of situations that you would really like to work on daily.

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